ICLRD Secures Funding to support the North West Partnership Board


The International Centre for Local and Regional Development (ICLRD) is delighted to have secured funding under the Department of Foreign Affairs and Trade ‘Reconciliation Fund’ to assist the newly established North west Partnership Board to develop an action plan. This action plan will, when completed, will synchronise the objectives and activities of a number of core strategic policy documents – from across a range of sectors – to ensure the coherent development of the North West region into the future.

The island of Ireland faces many problems that are amplified in the border region following decades of ‘back-to-back’ policy development and practice. In the case of the North West , the regions economic performance has not always followed overall national and regional performance trends. Higher concentrations of lower value-added industry, the retreat of traditional industries , higher levels of social disadvantage and weaker infrastructure relative to the east coast are all distinctive features. In response, there is a growing rationale for policies with an emphasis on mobilising assets and fostering growth through collaboration.

The multi-sectoral platform that is the North West Partnership Board promotes a coordinated and collaborative approach to the economic, social and cultural development of the region on a cross-border basis. Working closely with the ICLRD, this funding will support the strengthening of the capability of local stakeholders, and in particular the North West Partnership Board, to become advocates for strategic joint action for the North West. Working closely with the Partnership Board and other key actors such as ILEX, Letterkenny Institute of Technology, University of Ulster, chambers of commerce and the relevant local authorities, the ICLRD will set out a number of key strategic actions that will form the basis of an action plan for the Board over the short to medium term.

At the end of the 12month funding period, it is envisaged that a framework for the future development of the North West region – based on the remit and competencies of the stakeholders involved in the North West Partnership Board – will be in place. such a framework will be based on the mantra of ‘locally owned – centrally supported’; an ethos that lies at the heart of the North west Partnership Board – and one which the ICLRD both encourages and is delighted to support.