2017 Annual Conference Invitation

You are cordially invited to the International Centre for Local and Regional Development’s (ICLRD) annual conference which takes place of the afternoon of 9th February 2017.  The theme of place-making has lain at the heart of much of the ICLRD’s work programmes – whether action research, policy briefings or capacity building programmes – over the past ten years.  It is appropriate, therefore, that this topic and the opportunities it offers in unlocking the potential of places takes centre stage at this conference which marks the 10Year Anniversary of the ICLRD.


There is a growing argument that ‘place’ should play an increasingly prominent role in public policy making. As investment and people are now more mobile than ever before, considering the quality and potential of a place becomes ever more important.  As noted by Fitz Gerald at the 2010 ICLRD Annual conference, quality places attract and retain skilled and talented people by providing a mix of natural, community, social, leisure, creative and cultural activities for themselves and their families.  Determining what a place-based strategy should focus on starts with identifying what the location provides in terms of key assets, services and growth opportunities that shape day-to-day-life and economic opportunities. For policy-makers, this raises questions around innovation and creativity in the spheres of socio-economic, cultural and environmental development and governance – themes that will be explored during this afternoon event.


For further information and/or to register for this half-day event, please complete the attached booking form and return it to Valerie Craigie of Craigie Communications at craigiecomm@gmail.com