About the Site

Despite the considerable attention that shared services has received from governments, there is relatively little by way of robust and comprehensive planning, implementation and evaluation of shared services at a local level.

There are many different ways of sharing services and different models will be appropriate to different services, functions and organisations. This website provides access to best practices, model agreements, and submissions by participants in the ‘learning network’.

Currently, shared services within each jurisdiction focus largely on ‘back-office’ functions – for example, information technology, human resources and procurement. A special emphasis will be placed on identifying those functions / responsibilities which can be classified as frontline and/or specialised services and which are citizen-focused.

Councils within the Irish border region are in a unique position to lead the way in developing innovative working practices by identifying and charting pathways for shared service opportunities based on proximity, both within the jurisdictions and – in a more challenging way – across the jurisdictional frontier.