EU Framework 7 Research on Cross-border Emergencies

EU Framework 7 Research on Cross-border Emergencies

A number of past and ongoing EU Framework 7 supported research projects deal with the diverse impacts of emergencies on a cross-border basis in Europe. It is worthwhile exploring these projects for the cutting-edge learning that they provide for those charged with emergency planning responsibilities, particularly in relation to ICT. The projects include:

Cross-border Reciprocal Assistance in Emergency Matters

Cross-border Reciprocal Assistance in Emergency Matters
Spain & Portugal

The ARIEM 112 project comprised partners in Galicia, Castilla y León (Spain) and the North of Portugal and was aimed at consolidating mechanisms for collaboration on emergency management and further progressing a framework for fast and efficient cross-border cooperation and mutual assistance in the area The project resulted in the development of Mutual Aid Agreements and Joint Action Protocols, a computer application for the management of emergency incidents, and the establishment of joint training activities on a cross-border basis. Further information on the ARIEM 112 project can be found on its website and in this explanatory leaflet

Framework Agreement on Civil Protection

Spain Portugal cooperation
Framework Agreement on Civil Protection
Spain & Portugal

The Spanish and Portuguese governments concluded a framework agreement and Protocol in 1992 addressing Technical Co-Operation and Mutual Material Assistance regarding Civil Protection. The Protocol sets out the basis upon which mutual assistance is provided by both parties in the event of an emergency or disaster situation occurring, including Articles concerning Requests for Help, Assistance and Emergency (Article 3), Attendance Costs (Article 4), and the establishment of a joint Commission to ensure implementation (Article 7). The Protocol is available to read in full thanks to its translation into English by Dr Brendan O’Keeffe, Mary Immaculate College, Limerick.

Case Studies

The focus of the shared services agenda in the Irish Border Region puts particular emphasis on front-line services, or services that are directly delivered by local governments to citizens. There is also an interest expressed by local authorities to explore potential opportunities in specialized services, or services that would directly benefit local authorities themselves and indirectly impact citizen well-being. Such shared services could include technical services such as environmental impact assessments, spatial planning and mapping services, and common statistical databases, among others. Areas for potential joint-delivery, as identified in ICLRD’s report Shared Services: Propositions for Local Government Collaboration include:

  • Emergency services
  • Training and Capacity Building
  • Arts, heritage and culture
  • Recreation services
  • Tourism
  • Specialized services

This drop down menu includes helpful resources and links, categorized in the themes mentioned above, in order to illustrate different models of collaboration and ways of delivering shared front-line services.

Featured Case Studies

In its complimentary publications Shared Services Across Local Government: Sharing International Experiences and Shared Services: Propositions for Local Government Collaboration Briefing Report, the ICLRD documents four case studies on diverse international experiences and good practices in shared services:

• Shared Services in Scotland: Glasgow and the Clyde Valley
• Mancomunidades in Spain: The Asturias Region
• New York’s Shared Services Programme; and
• Local Government Restructuring and Realignment in Ontario, Canada

Below, readers will find key web resources associated with each of the cases meant to compliment the analysis carried out in the two abovementioned publications.

Shared Services in Scotland: Glasgow and the Clyde Valley
This case study documents an evolving shared service agenda across eight local authorities in the Clyde Valley of Scotland, U.K. Key references and resources include:

Mancomunidades in Spain: The Asturias Region
Mancomunidades are voluntary municipal associations that subsumes the power of member municipalities in defined areas such as local service provision. This case particularly focuses on the experiences of 19 mancomunidades (78 municipalities) in the Asturias Region.

New York’s Shared Services Programme
New York State has provided strong policy support for government streamlining at the local level. This case study explores the State’s efforts to support shared services and consolidation, particularly the consolidation of two communities’ police departments.

Local Government Restructuring and Realignment in Ontario, Canada
This case study outlines the hierarchy and structure of municipalities in Ontario, with an emphasis on the southern part of the province and the Greater Toronto Area (GTA).




ebrEast Border Region Tourism Partnership
Ireland & Northern Ireland
Mourne Mourne Cooley Gullion Geotourism
Ireland & Northern Ireland
CCBSYour Guide to North/South and cross-border Tourism co-operation
Ireland & Northern Ireland
CCA The Cradle Coast Authority
LILLE LOGOVisit Eurometropolis
France & Belgium
BaltMetThe BaltMet Promo Story
Baltic Sea Region
JMA LogoKarelia ENPI CBC Tourism Cooperation
Russia & Finland
UlsterUlster County Tourism & City of Kingston
New York, U.S.
IUCN-logoSustainable Tourism Management in the transboundary areas of the Dinaric Arc
Western Balkans

Emergency Services

humber Humber Emergency Planning Service
United Kingdom
Untitled drawingEmergency Planning Joint Committee
United Kingdom
PNWBHPacific Northwest Border Alliance
CCBSCo-operation in Health Services
Ireland & Northern Ireland
hampshire-county-council-logo-0Hampshire County Council Emergency Planning Unit
United Kingdom
JEPUSuffolk Joint Emergency Planning
United Kingdom
ES 5Shared Services and Lessons Learned
United States
logo_MOTHealthcare – Transfrontier Operational Mission
ES hospitalThe Cerdanya Cross-Border Hospital Project
France & Spain
ES NICross-Border Fire and Rescue
Ireland & Northern Ireland
FCOG FRCOG Emergency Preparedness
Franklin County, Massachusetts (U.S.)
FCOGSoutheast Fire Dept Electronic Records and Permitting Collaborative
Franklin County, Massachusetts (U.S.)
ES 2Feasibility Study for Shared Fire and Emergency Services
Minnesota (U.S.)
ES 1 Feasibility Study for Shared or Cooperative Fire and Emergency Services
Minnesota (U.S.)
gov-logo Local Resilience Forums
United Kingdom
WhitakerNorth Shore Fire Department
Wisconsin (U.S.)
TVFR Tualatin Valley Fire & Rescue
Oregon (U.S.)
Spain Portugal cooperationFramework Agreement on Civil Protection
Spain & Portugal
ARIEM112Cross-border Reciprocal Assistance in Emergency Matters
Spain & Portugal
Logo_European_CommissionEU Framework 7 Research on Cross-border Emergencies