• NILGANorthern Ireland Local Government Agency

    The Northern Ireland Local Government Association (NILGA) represents the collective interests of elected members in local councils and facilitates the development of the sector.

  • Square LGMA LogoLocal Government Management Agency

    The Local Government Management Agency (LGMA) is a state agency of the Department of Environment, Community and Local Government in Ireland, established in 2012 to provide a range of services to the Local Government Sector.

  • ni-direct-favicon Enterprise Shared Services
    Department of Finance and Personnel (NI), January 2010

    The Enterprise Shared Services (ESS) – a Directorate within the Department of Finance and Personnel – was established ‘to improve cooperation and co-ordination between common corporate services such as HR, finance, IT and training’.

  • lmnclogosocial Intergovernmental Collaboration
    League of Minnesota Cities

    The League Minnesota Cities has conducted extensive research on intergovernmental collaboration and has a useful tool for finding cooperation examples across service categories.

  • ICEICE Programme
    Northern Ireland Local Government Association (NILGA), 2011 – Present

    The ICE (Improvement, Collaboration & Efficiency) Programme is an initiative designed and led by local government to support local councils as they strive to continue to deliver high quality, efficient services in an increasingly challenging economic environment. The ICE Programme page on NILGA’s website hosts several publications and outputs of the initiative.

  • Scottish_Government_logo Shared Services
    The Scottish Government, September 2012

    The Scottish government expects the majority of efficiency gains to be delivered by best business practice and business process improvement, better use of public assets, improved collaborative working and much wider application of Shared Services: ensuring that value is added in all end-to-end business processes and eliminating non-value added activities.

  • planning aidPlanning Aid Scotland

    Planning Aid Scotland (PAS) is a unique, independent organisation that helps people get involved in shaping the development of land, villages, towns and cities by engaging more easily with the planning system.