ICLRD Technical Workshop – Land Banks, Surplus Housing and Unfinished Estates: Assets and Liabilities

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An ICLRD Technical Workshop organised as part of the CroSPlaN Programme which is sponsored by the Special EU Programmes Body under INTERREG IVA Programme.

Thursday 20th January 2011 (morning)

Chair: Ms. Grainia Long, Director, Chartered Institute of Housing Northern Ireland

9.30 Welcome

John Driscoll, Director, ICLRD

9.40 Assessment, Analysis, Action: The Republic of Ireland’s Response to Land Banks, Surplus Housing and Unfinished Estates

Niall Cussen, Senior Planning Advisor, Department of Environment, Heritage & Local Government

An overview of the state of the housing market in the Republic of Ireland – and the impact/consequences of this for the economy, government (national and local), and other key stakeholders.

10.00 Planning for Northern Ireland Located “Assets”: The Future for Property and Land Bank Investments

Mr. Brian Rowntree, Chairman, Northern Ireland Housing Executive (NIHE)

An overview of the state of the housing market in Northern Ireland – and the impact/consequences of Northern-based ‘assets’ being located within NAMA. What does this mean for the economy, government and other key stakeholders?

10.20 Lessons from the Resolution Trust Corporation and the Property Crash of the 1990s in the U.S.

Dr. Nic Retsinas, Senior Lecturer in Real Estate, Harvard Business School and Former Assistant Secretary for Housing – Federal Housing Commissioner at the United States Department of Housing and Urban Development(HUD)

An introduction to the US Resolution Trust Corporation (RTC), a temporary U.S. federal agency established in 1989 to oversee the disposal of assets from failed savings and loan institutions. During its existence, over $402billion assets passed through the RTC.  What were the lessons learned from the RTC experience in the US? Are any of these lessons applicable to NAMA and the current housing/development crisis across the island of Ireland?

10.50 Questions

11.10 Tea and Coffee Break

11.30 Open Forum: Where Next for Housing: Public or Private?

Facilitator: Ms. Grainia Long

Facilitated discussion on the proposed and/or potential future uses of land banks, surplus housing and unfinished estates.  In what direction are the housing markets of the island of Ireland going – public or private? Who will take the lead? Consideration will also be given to the role and implications of these actions for national government, developers, local government and communities.

12.15 Closing