Borderlands: The Journal of Spatial Planning in Ireland


The International Centre for Local and Regional Development (ICLRD) is delighted to announce the publication of the inaugural issue of Borderlands: The Journal of Spatial Planning in Ireland. This informative annual journal includes timely articles on cross-border and inter-jurisdictional cooperation on the island of Ireland – and beyond.

With a particular focus on the challenging issues facing local and regional development, the articles on spatial planning practice and policy, balanced regional development, governance reform, community development and cross-border cooperation, and evidence-informed planning will appeal to planning practitioners, policy-makers, community interest groups, and academics.  Contributors to this issue included Dr. Tim O’Connor on the genesis of the ICLRD; Prof. Greg Lloyd on the role of spatial planning in supporting the ‘common good’; Charlotte Khan and Holly St. Clair on the Boston experience of evidence-based planning and policy – not only at national government level but also within and across communities; and Prof. Peter Roberts on the evolution of sustainable communities theory and its application to the six case studies presented in the ICLRD Project, “Living Together”.

The journal, made possible by funding received from INTERREG IVA administered by the Special EU Programmes Body, was jointly launched by Ms. Anne Barrington, Joint Southern Secretary and Ms. Mary Bunting, Joint Northern Secretary of the North South Ministerial Framework on 2o January 2011 as part of the ICLRD’s Sixth Annual Conference.

Copies of the journal are available by contacting Eimear Donnelly, Project Administrator at (028) 3751 1550 or on