Center for Cross Border Studies

The Centre for Cross Border Studies, founded in September 1999 and based in Armagh and Dublin, researches and develops co-operation across the Irish border in education, health, business, public administration, communications, agriculture, the environment and a range of other practical areas. The Centre provides a unique, university-based setting for policy research into and development of such co-operation. Its purpose is to:

  • Identify gaps in cross-border information, research and mutual learning in Ireland;
  • Commission and publish research on issues related to opportunities for and obstacles to cross border co-operation in all fields of society and the economy;
  • Host events at which research findings can be discussed and disseminated, and at which policy formation in the area of cross border co-operation can be developed;
  • Present the findings of such research and development projects to the EU, the two governments, the Northern Ireland Executive, employer, trade union and social partnership bodies, and the wider public; and
  • Manage cross-border programmes and organisations which have a strong education and research dimension.