I2UD : Institute for International Urban Development

The Institute for International Urban Development regroups academics and professionals who created and ran the Center for Urban Development Studies at the Harvard University Graduate School of Design from 1987 to 2005. The Institute will continue to provide international linkages to ICLRD including networks and academic institutions in Central and South East Europe. The Institute is registered in the Commonwealth of Massachusetts, for the purpose of conducting research, providing technical assistance and offering specialised training to improve the management of urban growth. The Institute’s objectives are:

  • To promote sustainable urban and regional development through the transfer of innovative international experiences.
  • To conduct applied research to identify emerging trends in urban and regional development and to document best practices in urban and regional growth management.
  • To offer capacity building programmes to enhance the planning and managerial skills of public officials in developing countries and emerging economies.
  • To offer internships to advanced planning students and young professionals interested in an international public service career.
  • To assist educational institutions in the development of their research and teaching activities.