Since its establishment in 2006, the ICLRD has been engaged in a number of research programmes. Initially, the research programmes were commissioned by external agencies; for example the report, Spatial Strategies on the Island of Ireland: Development of a Framework for Collaborative Action, prepared for InterTradeIreland and the training programme on Spatial Planning, Community Planning and Rural Development in Northern Ireland and the Republic of Ireland for ICBAN as part of their Joining Up Development Programme.

More recently the ICLRD has been using their core funding – from the Irish Government and the International Fund for Ireland (IFI) – to fund research programmes as designed and rolled-out by the partner organisations.

This past year, the ICLRD partners have been pleased to participate in review panels and steering groups including the review panel for the Regional Development Strategy (RDS) in Northern Ireland; a panel for the Review of Village Design Statements commissioned by the Irish Heritage Council; and the Steering Committee for the Review of the Regional Planning Guidelines for the Border Region.