Professional Education

A core activity for ICLRD is to offer professional education and capacity building programmes for public officials, civic leaders, non-governmental organisations and other practitioners involved in local, regional and national development.

Devolution in Northern Ireland, the shifting of new responsibilities to local authorities, cross-border programmes that increase the role of local governments in developing and managing their cross-border programs all point the need for new capacity building programmes.

ICLRD training activities occur through two avenues: knowledge transfer through conferences and workshops and dedicated training programmes. Our research activities and expanded networks are providing case study materials, best practices, and operational linkages to EU cross-border programmes.

Starting in 2009 we plan begin holding training programmes for both councillors and officials drawn from both jurisdictions. There is also the possibility of targeting specific areas such as the Newry/Dundalk Twin City Region or the North West to build capacity around policies and activities in support these respective Initiatives.